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Underground Irrigation uses the most comprehensive and technologically advanced products in the irrigation industry. K-Rain is the leading manufacturer in the commercial and residential irrigation market and their products are used exclusively by Underground Irrigation for all of their projects. K-Rain has been an industry leader for 30 years and manufactures rotary sprinklers, sprays, irrigation system controllers, and electric valves that are used by Underground Irrigation. See some of K-Rain Products below and Call Underground Irrigation today for a FREE ESTIMATE!! 1-817-228-0812

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The most cost-effective solution on the market, the RPS75® gear drive is high quality, durable and reliable sprinkler designed for basic residential and light commercial applications. A direct replacement for the Hunter PGP® rotor, with our time-proven, patented reversing mechanism (the same used in the Hunter PGP®), the RPS75® drops directly in an installed Hunter PGP® can.

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K-Spray pop-ups are ideal for watering small areas, ground cover and shrub areas.
Available in 3”. 4”, 6”, 12” Models-Provides flexibility in system design.Accepts Male Threaded Nozzles.
Stainless Steel Retraction Spring- Provides reliable retraction of the riser in all soil conditions.
Ratcheting Riser- Allows for easy pattern adjustment by turning the riser.
Heavy Duty Wiper Seal-Ensures leak-free, full pop-up operation even under low pressure situations.
Optional purple cap for Reclaimed Water Use-Highly visible for identification of reclaimed water systems, reducing liability.
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